Knocking on Wood Won't Get Rid of Termites

Get Termite Control Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Getting a termite inspection now could save you big-time in the long run. Precision Pest Management will inspect your home for signs of termite activity, and then provide the necessary termite control services. 

Don't wait until you have irreparable damage to your home. Call 757-469-4200 to schedule a termite inspection with our team in Virginia Beach, VA.


Stop a termite infestation before it ever starts. Try these termite prevention tips to save yourself time and money:

  • Reduce excessive moisture in and around your property
  • Keep firewood, lumber or other wood away from your home
  • Plant your trees and bushes away from your home

If you already suspect that you have an infestation, reach out to us immediately for termite control services. We'll take all the necessary steps to control the pests, and then show you how to keep the infestation from happening again.

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